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What is a French Door? – Fortunne Window Designs

For the homeowners who want to give their homes a traditional look, French doors are the first thing that comes to mind. Many may have this suspicion; Why do we call it French doors, Right? Please continue reading to know how this classic door got its name.

About French Doors

In the 17th century in France, the French doors came into popularity. Its symmetrical design is one of the factors that French doors got their hail, which we call French doors today. French architects used to call it a window door, and they were used primarily as big sized windows.

The traditional design divides the sash into smaller glass panels. The clear and flat glass was so common at the time, but glassmakers could only make small pieces because of glassmaking limitations. And the bigger glass areas were intended to maximize natural lighting.

Soon neighbouring countries adopted this design and given credit to the French Renaissance by calling it, quite simply, “French doors”.

Modern French Doors

upvc french doors

We know that the French doors we are using today are not so different from their traditional design. Modern manufacturing techniques have benefited French doors, with precision cutting and alternative materials such as composite and improved door hardware.

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