Common Problems of uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC Doors & Windows Repair

In recent days uPVC products have gained more popularity among people. Many of them are opting for it because these types of products are not only affordable compared to other materials but also requires low maintenance.

This material is a perfect choice for climate conditions, so that uPVC windows & doors products are highly-utilized in large buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, institutions etc.

Usually, uPVC products require low maintenance, but if any problem occurs, you should fix it as soon as possible otherwise, it may create issues with products.

We will talk in detail about what are the problems and how to fix them.

  1. These materials are more prone to heat, so that the size may change due to temperature change. That means the door or window will come out from the frame. If this happens, you can just call the nearest uPVC door & window repair specialist to fix this.
  2. One of the most common issues is the handles. It happens when we are using the handles frequently. Pulling up and down in overtime will cause this issue. This can occur when the lock is not fixed correctly in its place due to the metal parts, roller balls etc. With lock specialists, you can get rid of this type of issue.
  3. Followed by the previous issue, the keyhole doesn’t apply fully due to product age. This happens because the cylinder that goes inside the hole is not inserted well, and this problem can also be solved with lock specialists.
  4. Sometimes when locking the door, the door doesn’t get shut. It still sings this is because of the lock not catching the door keep. So such are some steps which can be occurred & can be fixed at home.

At Fortunne Windows, we offer a huge variety of uPVC windows and doors at the best price and offer uPVC door & window repair services.


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