Looking to buy uPVC Windows or Doors for your home / project? Learn to do your own Quality Check before taking a decision.

uPVC is the best and most trendy alternative to wood, aluminium and steel in the contemporary Indian architecture. Windows & Doors made out of uPVC not only add an aesthetic appeal to the building but are also strong, durable and maintenance free.

  • Make sure the product profile has an optimum structural weight (Window 2.5mm / Door 3mm) for better soundproofing and higher wind-resistance (To speeds up to 320kmph).
  • Make sure the Titanium Di-oxide content in the profile is not be less than the recommended level (5.92%) to keep away de-colouration and warping of the frames for several years.
  • Make sure the hardware used in the product is of the best quality for its long term easy and smooth operation.
  • Make sure the product is provided with the internationally proven EPDM Gasket for effective sound & dust proofing and greater durability.
  • Make sure the product has a reinforcement of Galvanized Iron to add to its superior structural weight and provide high safety and security.
  • Make sure the glass fitting of the product is of top quality (Saint Gobain / AIS) and you get a wide range of finish options for it to cater to your varied needs and preferences.
  • Make sure the manufacturer has a well-equipped production infrastructure and an experienced production team to deliver you perfectly customized product in quick time.
  • Make sure the manufacturer also has a trained in-house installation team which uses the latest technology to give you a quality high-precision installation of the product on time.
  • Make sure the manufacturer has a reliable and prompt after-sales- service record. Ask for pre-sales value-add services like Professional Consultation, Project Planning & Design Guidance.
  • Make sure you pick a manufacturer who has a proven track record and offers you the best of both – Product Quality and Product Warranty.
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