uPVC being a synthetic product, there is absolutely no necessity to spend on periodical termite control procedures. Termites or any other insects are not drawn to uPVC at all.

Energy Efficient

When it comes to thermal efficiency, the non-conducting uPVC is the ideal choice for windows and doors. Meticulous installation and imported hardware guarantee excellent insulation and great energy efficiency, thus saving on heating or air-conditioning costs.


High UV Resistance

Our profiles are subjected to the rigid 8000-hour UV Test to ensure that they have better UV resistance even under the harsh Indian weather conditions. The higher Titanium Di-oxide (5.92% - 8 Parts) content in the raw material adds to the resistance efficiency of the profiles and provides colour stability to the product to make it look new even after years of use

High Wind Resistance

The combination of world class Glazing Head with EPDM Gasket has been proven to withstand wind speeds of up to 320kmph

upvc windows termite proof

upvc windows energy efficient

upvc windows uv resistant